ONE Cloud eCommerce Suite

About ONE Cloud eCommerce Suite

ONE Cloud eCommerce Suite helps transform your retail business digitally, using our unique “All In One” solution. ONE Cloud eCommerce Suite consists of; an integrated Webshop, IOS App, Android App & Cloud POS; along with billing, payment gateway, shipping & various MIS reporting. It’s a Fully-Integrated solution for easy transformation of your business with ONE Cloud technology.

ONE Cloud eCommerce Suite is a cloud-based platform created to help & support, small/medium & large shop owners in getting their business online. It is a cost-effective solution that works to create a smooth and easy digital transformation, for any business. It’s an ideal solution for independent business owners; selling anything from groceries, clothing, and cosmetics to electronics, toys, bikes, etc. Quick implementation of this easy-to-use, technical solution; allows business owners to quickly convert their business into an online digital shop. Digital technology minimizes unnecessary resources & thus helps to save unwanted costs and creates a more environment-friendly way of doing business. This ensures smooth business, removing unwanted interruptions and extra overhead costs; and therefore, increasing sales profits

Unique Features

  • Single product master for Webshop, IOS App, Android App & Cloud POS.
  • Single Access of Sales data/report for Webshop, IOS App, Android App & Cloud POS.
  • Easy Access to dashboard of your consolidated Sales Reports & Analysis; from your Mobile, Ipad & Laptop–Anywhere, Anytime.
  • No additional hardware required for POS; everything can be accessed via your Mobile, Laptop & Ipad.
  • One payment gateway solution for all sales received via Webshop, IOS App, Android App & Cloud POS.

Transform your Business with our Technology

Transform your business with our Digital Solutions. We aim to help entrepreneurs, shop owners, and independent businesses, to completely bring their business online. Our solutions are cost- effective, fully digital and eco-friendly.

What Do You Get?

  • E-commerce web-portal with your brand name & domain.
  • IOS & Android Mobile & Ipad/Tabs Apps
  • Cloud POS Access Via Desktop, Mobile & Ipad.
  • 20 Email Accounts for your business (e.g.
  • Multi-Language Support (e.g. English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish etc.)
  • Integration with Social Media Platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google).
  • Integration of payment gateway, to receive direct payment in your bank account.
  • Secured Login & Registration of each new customer.
  • Freedom to sell, unlimited products online.
  • Generation of Invoice & Packing Slip for each received order, with email notification.
  • Integration of popular newsletter System for sending monthly updates/ads/offers/emails to your customers.
  • Domain, SSL & Hosting Space included.
  • Full access to dashboard; for your Online Sales Reports & Analysis.
  • Module to Add/Edit/Delete Products.
  • VAT calculation system, included for each country
  • Discount Coupon code module, to generate/issue discount coupons.
  • Shipping Price Calculation System, included.
  • Shipping Label Printing, along with Integration of local/international shipping companies.
  • Email, Chat  & Phone support.

ONE Cloud Webshop Solution

Worldwide online sales are expected to grow to €8 Trillion by 2025. In 2020, in Europe alone, ecommerce retailers made €700+ Billion in sales revenue. Now-a-days, more and more people prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. The buyer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Buyers are making more direct purchases online; via webshops and on their smartphones, never stepping foot into traditional brick-and-mortar shop locations. Internet makes business so much more easier and faster. It’s led to changes in the way people do business; with a rapidly growing worldwide trend towards online shopping or e-commerce.

Selling direct online increases your reach. With an online store, your profits are no longer limited by the number of customers that can physically visit your brick and mortar location. You can sell across towns, states, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations. Your online store also allows you to cater to shoppers who find it more convenient to browse and buy at times when retail locations are not traditionally open. Online shopping can save time for both the buyer and retailer, reducing phone calls about availability, specifications, hours of operation or other information easily found on company and product pages

Key Features 

  • Low business starting cost.
  • Modern design of online shop.
  • Scalable & easy-to-use solution.
  • Stay Open, All the Time, 24/7 x 365 Days.
  • Overcome Geographical Limitations & Gain New Customers, Globally.
  • Instant Payment Via Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Locate the product quicker.
  • Eliminate Travel Time and Cost.
  • Enable Deals, Bargains & discount Coupons.
  • Customer Dashboard to access invoices online, update address & password etc.
  • Various MIS reporting.

Our solutions are created to cater to various industry segments; like retail, travel, fashion, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, grocery & more.

ONE Cloud Mobile App Solution (IOS & Android)

80% of smartphone users have been using their mobile devices for purchasing products online. The convenience quotient of apps comes from the fact that apps are downloadable and get installed on the devices. With the number of mobile users expected to go beyond 5+ billion across the globe this year; it is a perfect opportunity to win a percentage of your audience for shopping through your own branded mobile APP in IOS & Android technology.

Key Features

  • Low business starting cost with hybrid Apps
  • Modern design of App that matches with the look & feel of your shop.
  • Easy to download from Apple Store & Google Play Store.
  • Scalable & easy-to-use solution to add banners etc.
  • Pick the products from a single product database, this avoids duplication.
  • All sales data is stored in one database, which makes reporting easy.
  • Instant Payment Via Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Enable Deals, Bargains & discount Coupons.
  • Customer Dashboard to access invoices online, update address & password etc.
  • With Apps, it is possible to send push notifications for offers & discounts.
  • Helps improve company branding and customer engagement.

ONE Cloud POS Solution

Many businesses are under the impression that implementing cloud POS software means ditching their existing system entirely and trading their traditional terminals in for tablets and handheld devices. That is not true.

ONE cloud POS solution is a simple and seamless solution that your business needs, now a days. You only need your existing laptop, desktop, Ipad or mobile device to operate ONE cloud POS solution, where all the sales data is stored in ONE cloud database. So you will generate one report to get all your integrated sales data for your business.

ONE cloud POS solution helps to enhance security and allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of centralized storage, memory, processing along with integration of multiple sales channels.

Key Features

  • Low business starting cost.
  • No Need of Additional Hardware, to access use your laptop, Ipad & Mobile devices.
  • Scalable & easy-to-use solution.
  • Pick the products from a single product database, this avoids duplication
  • All sales data is stored in one database, that makes reporting easy.
  • Instant Payment Via Debit/Credit Cards & Cash.
  • Enable Deals, Bargains & discount Coupons.
  • Send invoices to email, no print required.


Dashboard & MIS Reporting

Our solution has a powerful Dashboard & MIS reporting, you can have an access to different reports & analysis ; that will help you to successfully build your online brand. You can achieve this by understanding your metrics; and then having a predefined analysis.

Powerful Dashboard reporting system will also provide full view of the online sales performance, average order value, where your orders come from, and much more. All of the above helps you to make data-driven decisions in order to grow your business.

Learn more about your business than ever before; with powerful reports (like, where your delivery orders are coming from, which food items show maximum sales, etc). Using these data insights will help you make profitable and well- planned business decisions; which ultimately result in even more business and also optimise your cost.


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