Increase your business with ONLINE FOOD Order Management System; specially designed for Takeaways & Restaurants

Get more orders, through web and mobile; under your own brand name with ONLINE FOOD Order Management System, Save up to 20-30% charges; you pay to other service providers, for getting online food orders.

Web/Mobile Ordering

With ONLINE FOOD Order Management Solution; get your Brand completely integrated with the online ordering system. Now your customers can order with ease in only a few clicks, never leaving your site.

With your own website and domain name; customers can easily find you online. Customers can view your business information using any device, place their order, and you get payment instantly in your bank account for every confirmed order. Our team will help you to increase your sales and reduce cost.

No more listings; among your competitors on food portals. It’s your ONLINE FOOD Order Management System with your brand, and delicious food. ONLINE FOOD Order Management System is simple to use. It will take customers just a few simple steps, to place their food order.

Instant Payment of Order

With ONLINE FOOD Order Management Solution, you get instant payment in your bank account. In partnership with different payment gateway service providers, we will help you to integrate your bank account with ONLINE FOOD Order Management Branded solution. This will also allow you to choose different payment options like IDEAL, Credit Card, Apple Pay & more.

Powerful Dashboard

ONLINE FOOD Order Management Solution is more than just a way for you to accept online orders.  You can have an access to different reports; that will help you to successfully build your online brand. You can achieve this by understanding your metrics; and then having a predefined analysis.

Powerful Dashboard reporting system will also provide full view of the online sales performance, average order value, where your orders come from, and much more. All of the above helps you to make data-driven decisions in order to grow your business.

Learn more about your business than ever before; with Food Online Solution Reports (like, where your delivery orders are coming from, which food items show maximum sales, etc). Using these data insights will help you make profitable and well-planned business decisions; which ultimately result in even more business and also optimise your cost.

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