Solid Waste disposal is an obligatory and key responsibility of local Government. Maintaining cleanliness and having an efficient collection and disposal system for domestic and commercial establishments is essential as cities are aspiring to becoming smart.

Our Solid Waste Disposal Monitoring System provides real-time information and alerts that allows all agencies from collection to government to track, monitor and control the vehicles daily, as they move remotely from a control centre across activities. This has brought in efficiency, predictability and consistency of solid waste disposal operations.

The system leverages diverse state-of-the-art technologies including GPS, GIS, GSM Network, RFID Tags and other sensors, integrated with computers to provide a single comprehensive solution to mitigate the lacunae that beset manual systems.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Tracking vehicle movement in real-time mode & facility to replay including information on key parameters such as location, speed, engine status, etc.
  • Geo-fencing and other features to enforce vehicle movement within the desired geographical boundaries with an alert on any deviation from designated route or for unscheduled/unauthorized halts
  • View and upload facility of real time pictures of Primary, Secondary and Final Disposal Sites, as well as bins emptied
  • Automates payments to contractors/ workforce by maintaining status of attendance, fuel issuance, distance covered and other relevant information
  • Powerful MIS reports and analytics for evaluation of performance as well as other factors


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